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Bob Inglis: MIT ESI People & the Planet Lecture Series

When: Tuesday 4/25, 4-6pm

Where: MIT Room E14-633

Who: Open and free to the public; Registration required

Event Details:

Sponsor: MIT Environmental Solutions Initiative

Former Congressman Bob Inglis (R-SC) traveled to Antarctica and Greenland as a member of the House Science Committee during his second 3-year term in Congress (2005-10) and became convinced that climate change was a problem and needed action. In July 2012, he founded and launched RepublicEn, which is centered on conservative principles and a free-enterprise solution to climate change. Inglis will talk about how free enterprise and a “tax swap” can deliver the innovation¬†to solve our climate change issues and lead the rest of the world.

The MIT Environmental Solutions Initiative People & the Planet Lecture Series presents individuals and organizations working to advance understanding and action toward a humane and sustainable future.

Map of the Location